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Adventure Time storyboard artist and writer Jesse Moynihan along with his brother musician and Adventure Time composer Justin Moynihan have created Manly in which they have described as “Silver Surfer meets Star Trek Next Generation, with the violence of Fist of the North Star and the tenderness of the Little Prince”.

Now stop reading the description and check it out for yourself!

so good!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

a cartoon by jesse moynihan featuring a space chick named manly? truly the lord has answered my prayers

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The Temptations. 

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The most beautiful Game Boys ⊟

I love, love, love these. I am SO tempted to pick one up and throw on a front light mod, then not play any other console for the rest of my life.

These gorgeous floral paintjobs come from Georgina, who makes and sells customized portables through her friend’s shop. If you want to commission something like this from Georgina, hit up her Tumblr.

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Never trust a person who can’t gracefully accept that they shouldn’t say certain words due to violent histories of those said words

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